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The Top 5 Ways to Build Backlinks Post-Penguin

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The Top 5 Ways to Build Backlinks Post-Penguin

Google’s Penguin update, which took place in April 2012, permanently changed the face of internet marketing. Website owners around the world were affected by the changes, and although Penguin took down a lot of spammy blogs, it was also criticized for targeting websites that had simply followed good SEO tactics in years past – like optimizing the internal linking scheme of their site or naming webpages with titles.

In any case, Google’s Penguin update isn’t the end of the world. Today, now that several months have passed since the first Penguin update, we’re starting to understand which type of backlinks work and which ones do not.

To help get started on your road to backlink dominance, here are some of the most popular backlinking strategies in the post-Penguin world:

5) Good blog commenting: There is a big difference between good and bad blog commenting. Good blog commenting involves finding articles about your website, reading those articles, and then contributing to the conversation taking place in the comments section below the article. Most blog comment sections allow visitors to enter a URL and a name. This is a perfect opportunity to create a good backlink to your website that people in your industry will see.

4) Industry forums: Forum profile backlinks have been useless for years. After all, it doesn’t take long for an automated bot to instantly create tens of thousands of forum profile backlinks. However, that doesn’t mean that internet marketers should avoid forums entirely. Find a few industry forums with good PageRank and sign up for an account. Fill out your profile, avatar, and signature with information related to your website, and then start contributing to threads or start your own.

3) YouTube videos: YouTube videos regularly appear in search engine results for related keywords. Try uploading a few relevant YouTube videos and include links to your website in the video description. Even if the YouTube video doesn’t go viral, you should be able to draw a decent amount of traffic from that backlink.

2) Social media backlinks from Twitter, Facebook, and others: Social media backlinks are never a bad thing. From Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest and others, search engines like Google always appreciate social media backlinks. And even if they might not pass on a lot of ‘link juice’, social media backlinks expand your brand’s presence online.

1) Guest posting: One of the best (but most difficult) ways to get backlinks is to write guest posts on other peoples’ blogs. Finding blogs that accept guest posts is only one half of the battle. The second step is to write engaging content that blog owners will actually want to use. But if you can upload at least one guest post on a monthly basis, then you’re well on your way to boosting your site’s rankings post-Penguin.

Unfortunately, backlink strategies are changing on a daily basis. While Google released a major algorithm update back in April, they have released several major updates since that point. In short, the way Google views backlinks changes on a weekly basis.

Nevertheless, the backlink strategies we’ve listed above are safe and reliable. If you’re ready to take your internet marketing Dallas campaign to the next level and boost your company’s website rankings, then these backlink strategies will help.