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What We Do

What We Do

We live in a culture that runs at a frantic pace. It seems that we can’t slow down or take our eyes off the ball even for a second, or we’ll be left behind or lose out on something. As an entrepreneur, that feeling is only magnified as you have the duties of running a business to add to the long list of to do’s and responsibilities you’ve got to keep up with. Renew Marketing’s digital services were created to take some of those to do’s off of your list. Unless you have a fairly large organization, you probably don’t have the internal resources to properly keep up with the quickly changing landscape in digital marketing, much less manage and maintain your online presence across different channels and media. We provide services that take care of those things for you, so you can check them off of your list and know that they’ll be handled. This saves you time, and even though an hour here and there may not seem like much, it’s time that you can put right back into running your business, or having dinner with your family, or making it to your children’s game or recital. And that’s how a seemingly small thing can become a relatively huge thing. As a business owner, a little extra time can have a huge impact on your quality of life. We know that feeling, and that’s why we created our packaged service offering.

I’ve been an owner in 2 digital marketing agencies and noticed that many clients had a similar problem. They needed help with things that an agency wasn’t well equipped to handle at a reasonable price.  The agency would assume that the client would handle it or in some cases tell the client to handle it themselves and either way, most of the time it just wouldn’t get done. This prompted me to package some of the most fundamental digital marketing and support services into a subscription delivery model that takes the burden of these basic functions off of the business owner at a very reasonable cost.  I realized that if these basic things weren’t being done it would hinder any further marketing efforts being made and result in wasted client resources.  When we saw the need, we started providing some of these services to existing clients and it really made a difference for them. So we decided to pursue the packaged service model further.

I believe the digital marketing services offered by Renew are the best value in digital marketing anywhere, period.  Most clients need the services that we offer and if they try to do it in house it will typically cost them substantially more than what we can deliver the services for.  If they hire an agency, it will cost them exponentially more as the Agency overhead is much higher than ours.  If they try to outsource it overseas they’ll get far inferior quality and they have to manage it themselves.  If they hire individual providers for each service we offer they will typically pay more overall and also have to manage multiple points of contact as well as losing any coordination between the services. So we offer a value price and a quality service that’s all done for you, along with a great customer experience. 

How We Do It

Well, for one thing, our organization is virtual – so we don’t have the high overhead of a traditional agency. Also, we leverage technology to deliver our services and manage our workflow, which helps us be efficient and keep our costs low. Lastly, where possible, we leverage our work across multiple clients, so that we don’t waste any effort. We can still create custom and unique results and take advantage of scale where we can to keep us very efficient and cost-effective. For example, we maintain many WordPress websites. A change or update to the core WordPress software is likely to have a similar impact on all of the sites, so we can take that information and make adjustments in one swoop across many sites and that saves time and effort. It all adds up to great services at a great price and it takes away headaches for you, the business owner. If you’re like most business owners, you’re asking questions like “How am I going to keep my website updated or my blog current or my social media relevant and engaging?”  Renew has the solution.  Once you start working with us you don’t have to worry about those questions anymore, it’s all done for you for only a few bucks a day.

Why We Do It

Primarily because we know what it’s like to build a business from scratch and we’re familiar with the stress and strain of trying to do everything yourself and what a toll that takes on you as an entrepreneur. We realized that we could provide services that will take some of that pressure off and help business owners focus on other things. Our hope is that we do such a good job with our services that our clients don’t even think about it anymore – they just know it’s handled. We’re not completely altruistic – we did see a gap in the marketplace and decided to step in and fill it, so that’s the business motive, but there’s more profit to be had in doing agency work than there is in packaged digital marketing services. We could have continued as a digital agency and been just fine, so it’s more than just the profit that drives us. We wanted to provide something that you can’t get anywhere else, something that’ll make your life easier – and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and help make your life just a little better.

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