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More Than Just Ads: 6 Underrated Ways your business Can Use Video Marketing

It’s no secret that video marketing has exploded in recent years. Image-heavy platforms like Instagram and Facebook are checked by billions of people every day. You can read countless guides explaining how to use video advertising to market your business online. However, video marketing is about more than just clever commercials, 15-second digital ads, and... Read More

The Best Free Tools for Managing your Business Reputation Online

Reputation management is crucial for any business. Small and medium-sized businesses, however, are particularly vulnerable to the whims of online reputation management. A single bad review can sink a new restaurant. One negative customer experience posted online can turn away hundreds or even thousands of new customers. At Renew Marketing, we want to help! Today,... Read More

Six Digital Marketing Strategies Today’s Top Healthcare Providers Are Using to Get Ahead

Healthcare providers are some of the world’s largest digital marketing spenders. Today, America’s top healthcare providers compete with one another on prized search terms, spending millions of dollars to earn top placements on search engine results pages. What are the country’s best healthcare providers doing to get ahead of the competition in 2019? Which strategies... Read More

How to Generate Positive ROI Through Effective Content Marketing

The results of content marketing can be hard to quantify. A content marketing campaign may not have an immediate impact on your bottom line. Nevertheless, good content marketing always impacts your bottom line. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about generating positive returns on investment through effective content marketing strategies. Outline Achievable, Profitable... Read More

How to Market Your Business During the 2018 Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially underway.  You’ve already seen tweets from McDonald’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. You’re going to see hundreds of other bland corporate tweets before the end of the year. How can your small or medium-sized business separate itself from the competition with effective holiday marketing strategies? How should you approach the... Read More

5 Crucial Content Marketing Tips for 2019

Content marketing has always existed in some form or another. 200 years ago, content marketing meant creating a better poster for your upcoming play at the theater. Twenty years ago, content marketing involved getting your company’s website mentioned in a newspaper. Today, content marketing can mean everything from blog and social posts to podcasts or... Read More
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