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Dallas Web Design – Top 5 Elements of a Successful Website

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Dallas Web Design – Top 5 Elements of a Successful Website

If you’re like most Dallas-based companies, then you have a website. However, some websites are more successful than others. Why? Good web designers understand exactly what it takes to maximize the potential of any company’s website.

Successful web design involves integrating a number of important factors into a website. Here are the top 5 things your company’s website should include if it wants to be successful:

5) Guide the eyes of your visitors

dallas-web-designThis tip can be hard to implement if you’re not a web design professional. You want to guide your visitors’ eyes to certain features of your website. Sometimes, you’ll want them to sign up for an email form, while other times, you just want them to click on the ‘learn more’ button. If you know where your visitors’ eyes are looking, you can fill your website with useful information in precisely the right spots.

4) Easy navigation system

Nobody wants to read an instructional manual before using your website. If visitors can’t figure out where they need to go, or how to get there, then they will end up being confused. When visitors are confused, they leave your website. Make sure your website has a simple but effective navigation system that makes it easy for visitors to figure out where they want to go.

3) Multi-functional design

Everybody has a different computer these days. Instead of catering your Dallas web design to Firefox users who browse at a resolution of 1920×1080, you need to ensure that users of every web browser at every resolution will be able to effectively use your website. Today, that involves creating mobile versions of your website for tablets and smartphones. You also need to make sure that glitches aren’t appearing for users of any of the popular three web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer).

2) Consistencydallas-web-design

If your web design is inconsistent, then it will confuse visitors.  You don’t want your visitors to be confused. Make sure that every page of your website is consistent across the board. That means that every page has the same menu system, color scheme, font choice, etc.

1) An obvious call to action

This is the most important aspect of web design Dallas. Make sure your website has a clear call to action. Visitors like it when the next step is as obvious as possible. Whether that ‘action’ involves filling out an email address or ordering a product online, an obvious call to action will increase your website’s conversions. It’s as simple as that.

These tips might be built for Dallas web design, but they apply to websites all over the world. If you can successfully create a website that features all of the above tips, then you’ll be able to attract new visitors and maximize the online presence of your company.

For all of these reasons, Dallas web design has never been more important than it is today. If you’re ready to start maximizing your company’s online presence and unlock a world of opportunity, then Renew Marketing can help. Contact Renew Marketing today to learn more about Dallas web design and search engine optimization.