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Even companies in ‘boring’ industries can have fun websites

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Even companies in ‘boring’ industries can have fun websites

Some companies decide not to pursue internet marketing because they feel that their industry is ‘boring’ and that the average internet user won’t want to hear what they have to say.

If your company does this, it’s shooting itself in the foot! Internet marketing can be used by any company in any industry. And, companies that work in ‘boring’ topics will find it easier to attract clients because there won’t be a lot of competition. By developing an internet marketing strategy today, your company’s website could quickly become known as an authority source. And that means more backlinks, higher search engine rankings, and ultimately, more interest in your company.

Your company might already have a basic web presence online. You might have a simple landing page with your contact info and some other basic information. But if you really want to attract people through the internet, you need to build interesting content that people will enjoy reading. Search engines like Google also reward your website when they see regular content updates being posted.

People in boring industries often have trouble generating interesting content that people want to read. How can you write one article per week about hydraulics equipment? What new and exciting things can you say about car tires? To answer those questions, you need to get creative.

Getting creative with your marketing content in Dallas

Sure, your industry might be boring. But that doesn’t mean your customers are boring. Think of who your ideal customer is. Is that person a 35-year old stay-at-home mom? Or is he a 22-year old man who just graduated from college?

Now, think of what that person might like to read and start writing articles about that topic.

Remember: your content doesn’t have to be specifically related to your industry. As long as you can generally relate the topic of discussion to your industry, you should be able to draw attention to your business.

Let’s say you work in the ‘party bus Dallas’ niche. You want to attract people looking for party buses and luxury transportation in the Dallas area. Instead of filling your company’s website with content that talks about how awesome your party buses are, why not be a little more creative?

Here are a few sample article topics that would draw attention to your party bus website:

-How to plan the perfect bachelorette party

-Top 5 ways to turn an average party night into an epic one

-How to impress people at the club before you even walk in the door

-The top 3 best ways to get to the sports game in style

The point with all of those article topics is that you can easily find a way to work in a few lines about your party bus business. And, the people reading those article topics are generally going to be your ideal types of customers as well.

Whether you’re in the party bus niche or the fly fishing niche or any other industry, there are always article topics you can write about. If you’re reading to take your internet marketing Dallas to the next level, then Renew Marketing can help.