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Is Your Company’s Website Protected From a Google Penalty?

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Is Your Company’s Website Protected From a Google Penalty?

Google’s algorithm tries to deliver the most accurate search results to millions of users around the world. In order to do that, the algorithm is updated on a constant basis. Search engine rankings constantly change, and a website that ranked first for one term might disappear from the results page not long afterwards.

When a site suddenly disappears from Google’s search engine rankings, it generally means that it has been hit with a “Google penalty.” Google penalties are targeted towards websites that are trying to artificially increase their rankings within Google, and unfortunately, recovering from a penalty can be very difficult.

If you generate a lot of your business’s leads through your website, then suddenly being hit with a Google penalty could have disastrous effects on your business. Suddenly, potential customers won’t be able to find your website when searching for relevant keywords, and that means you’ll notice the Google penalty on your bottom line.

So how can you avoid a Google penalty? Here are a few easy tips to integrate into your company’s online marketing strategy:

Avoid building unnatural links: When you post a link on another website, it helps drive traffic to your company’s website. It also gives your site a boost in the search engine rankings. Both of these are good things, but if Google suddenly notices that you’re spamming your website’s link in places where it shouldn’t be, then you could be hit with a Google penalty.

Write original content: One of the most common Google penalties involves the use of duplicate content on your site. Instead of just copying and pasting relevant articles, write a short summary of those articles in your own words, then link back to the original author. Google rewards sites that have fresh, interesting content and it penalizes those that don’t.

Clean and friendly web design: In order to artificially rank a page for a certain keyword, webmasters used to place invisible or hidden text on webpages. This might have seemed clever in 2005, but trying to implement tactics like this today will get your website swiftly penalized. Make sure your company’s website features clean, effective web design that gets visitors – and Google’s bot programs – where they need to go without trying to trick them.

Use Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tools are a suite of tools that Google uses to inform website admins of various problems with their sites. Webmaster Tools is a simple and effective way to monitor your site’s performance, but Google also uses these tools to inform users of any upcoming penalties. Google might warn you that it has detected unnatural link activity, for example, in which case you should focus on building high-quality backlinks instead of ‘spammy’ backlinks.

The best way to protect your Dallas company from Google penalties

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