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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dallas SEO Efforts?

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Are You Sabotaging Your Own Dallas SEO Efforts?

In a city like Dallas, thousands of businesses are competing against one another for the attention of consumers. This competition can be seen in television advertisements, radio advertisements, and, most notably, on internet search engine results pages.

Just type a keyword like “lawyers Dallas” into Google to see what pops up. Those law firms at the top of the results page likely paid thousands of dollars to achieve that ranking, and they might pay thousands of dollars more per year just to stay at that elevated position.

Whether you’re a law firm or a pet food store, it’s important to understand the potential of search engine optimization Dallas. The right SEO campaign can change your website from a ‘nobody’ into a major player in the online world. Good search engine optimization Dallas works like SEO in any city, and it requires successful use of all of the following areas:


-Article marketing

-Social media marketing Dallas

-Effective web design


-Regular content updates

-And so much more

Balancing all of these factors can be tricky, but it’s what pushes websites to the top of the search engine results page while leaving others fighting for the scraps below. Unfortunately, we’re not all internet marketing Dallas professionals, and you might be accidentally shooting yourself – and your company’s website – in the foot when it comes to search engine optimization.

Here are some of the ways you could be sabotaging your site’s SEO efforts:

-You’re copying content from other people: Instead of writing informative and original content yourself, you’re blindly copying it from other people. Even if you don’t copy and paste the content directly, the article won’t be 100% original. Try to think of a topic that nobody has written about before, and then market that content with effective Dallas social media marketing.

-Maintain one home page for your site: It’s all too common to see websites sabotage their SEO efforts by using multiple homepages. For example, your homepage might be found at yoursite.com, yoursite.com/home.html, yoursite.com/index.html, and http://yoursite.com. This is confusing to users, but it’s also bad for your SEO efforts. Instead of funnelling all your backlinks into just a single page, your backlinks – and the accompanying SEO boost – will be scattered among four different pages.

-You have bad on-page SEO: By far the most common type of SEO problem among company websites is poor on-page search engine optimization. Good SEO involves a mix of two general things: on-page SEO and off-page SEO. If there is a problem with either of those two things, then you’re going to have problems getting your website to rank in the competitive world of search engine marketing Dallas. Good on-page SEO involves intelligent internal linking, effective titles tags, and hundreds of other factors. Trying to rank a website that has bad on-page SEO is like bringing a knife to a gun fight – it’s just not a good idea.

Looking for help with your Dallas SEO campaign?

Some of the topics we’ve mentioned above will seem complicated to the average business owner – especially if you have no background in search engine optimization. That’s why Renew Marketing is here to help. Renew Marketing’s team of advertising professionals will help manage your company’s online presence in order to push it to the top of the search engine results page. To schedule a free consultation for your company, contact Renew Marketing today!