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Medical SEO – A Renew Marketing Case Study

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Medical SEO – A Renew Marketing Case Study

In the United States, the world of medicine is a challenging and competitive field to break into. It can take years for a company to make a name for itself as the “new kid on the block”. And when companies are tasked with protecting the health of patients, building trust and loyalty in a community can be even more challenging.

So why did Renew Marketing eagerly rise to the challenge of marketing WellStreet Urgent Care, a young group of urgent care clinics based in Atlanta? Renew understood that medical internet marketing could be difficult, but they wanted to see if their creative blend of traditional and innovative SEO strategies would be able to push a company to the next level.

The result? Today, WellStreet is dominating urgent care-related search terms coming from the greater Atlanta area. Patients are flocking to WellStreet locations across the city because they understand that each clinic offers practical after-hours medical care with minimal wait times.

So what’s the secret to WellStreet’s success? Here’s a brief explanation of how Renew Marketing was able to maximize the online presence of a young medical brand called WellStreet Urgent Care:

The challenges of medical internet marketing for WellStreet Urgent Care

When Renew Marketing was first approached by WellStreet, the challenges were obvious. The Atlanta medical community was filled with highly established competitors who had already developed a strong online presence. These were brands that Atlanta residents had trusted with their health for decades.

Meanwhile, WellStreet Urgent Care was a new face in the industry. It was an unfamiliar name to all Atlanta residents. The challenge lay in getting that name out there and helping prospective patients recognize the value behind that name.

Other concerns included:

-Optimizing a brand new website with no domain age or authority

-Communicating the value of the WellStreet brand to ensure website visitors were willing to trust a new company with their personal health

-Drive traffic to the website and to WellStreet clinics while operating with a limited marketing budget

The results

Renew Marketing worked for months to optimize WellStreet’s online presence. The WellStreet homepage was optimized to ensure as many patients as possible were visiting WellStreet clinics around Atlanta. The team also developed a successful pay-per-click marketing campaign, resulting in hundreds of hits per month on dozens of keywords through paid traffic sources.

Comprehensive linkbuilding and content marketing campaigns also played a key role in the success of WellStreet Urgent Care’s SEO campaign. Today, the WellStreet website has achieved some phenomenal results, including:

-A steady flow of qualified, new leads informed about the services offered by WellStreet

-Website visibility has skyrocketed in search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing

-WellStreet ranks on the first page of Google for over 20 top search terms. 18 of those search terms show WellStreet in the top 5 listings.

-WellStreet ranks in the top 3 results for some of the most competitive medical-related search terms in Atlanta, including the most competitive search term in the industry, “urgent care Atlanta”

-Top paid advertisement rankings on dozens of keywords to create approximately one thousand qualified leads per month

Ultimately, Renew Marketing turned a challenge into an opportunity. Today, WellStreet Urgent Care clinics see new patients walk through the door every day. With tens of thousands of visitors hitting the WellStreet website every month, the WellStreet case study proves that no challenge is too difficult for the team at Renew Marketing to handle.