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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Company’s Online Content More Fun to Read

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5 Easy Ways to Make Your Company’s Online Content More Fun to Read

Just about every SEO industry blog talks about how ‘content is king’.

Yes, content is an extremely important part of any website. But there’s an important difference between bad content and good content. Guess which one your customers want to read?

If you want to improve your company’s online content, here are 6 easy tips to start implementing today:

Tell a story

Storytelling is as old as human language itself. Clearly, there’s something special to us about hearing a story. There are two ways to approach this when writing online content:

-Tell a story throughout your article with a conclusion at the end

-Insert anecdotes and smaller stories throughout a longer content piece to keep visitors entertained

Tell stories that directly relate to the lesson you’re trying to convey in your article. And if you can’t think of any relevant stories to tell, then just make one up. This is the internet, not a courtroom.

Give your introduction the respect it deserves

You could be giving a presentation to a room full of ADHD-diagnosed kindergartners and they would still have longer attention spans than the average internet user.

On the internet, you’re writing to an infamously fickle audience. Spend a good amount of time crafting your introduction. A good introduction doesn’t just encourage readers to keep going – it virtually requires them to go on.

Bullet points and summaries

This point goes back to the short attention span idea: on the internet, you can’t just expect people to read through several blocks of text to get the information they need. Most of them won’t do it.

Instead, consider adding bullet points throughout your piece. You can expand on these bullet points after the list or to the right of the list, but throw your readers a bone here.

The readers who are genuinely interested in your information will read through every word you write, while others will move onto another piece of content to devour.

Tl;dr – nobody wants to be forced to read through a big block of text when they open a website

Write how you speak

Want to know why it’s so difficult to read old books? Because people don’t talk like that anymore. Your brain has trouble processing that information because it has never encountered that information before.

For that reason, you should write how you speak. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should talk to your audience like you would talk to your friends at a bar. Instead, present your information as if you were speaking aloud at an informal presentation – like in front of a college lecture hall.

Writing like you talk can help clean up sentence structure. It’s also a good way to avoid using big unnecessary words.

Use infographics or images with text

Users don’t want to read through paragraphs of text or look at boring graphs. Well, here’s a way to hit two birds with one stone: use infographics to convey your point.

Infographics use color, images, and data to convey a point. They can be long or short, but when crafted well, a good infographic helps users digest a lot of information in a short period of time.

If you want to take this lesson a step further, then consider adding a meme or two to your article. This won’t work for all audiences, but it will work for some. If your audience already spends a lot of time looking at memes on the internet, then adding a silly meme to your article is a good way to catch their attention while also summarizing a basic concept. Memes are risky, but here are some companies that were able to use memes to their advantage.

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