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Yes, Your Business Still Needs a Blog: Top 5 Advantages of Blog Management

 Todd Tyler    Content Marketing

Yes, Your Business Still Needs a Blog: Top 5 Advantages of Blog Management

Blogging is one of the internet’s most widely-used marketing techniques. In the past decade, business blog spending has continued to rise year after year.

For small and medium-sized businesses, however, blogging can be a difficult decision: you don’t have a dedicated marketing department that can produce great blog posts on a regular basis, nor do you have the budget to hire full-time writers.

Nevertheless, blogging should continue to be treated as one valuable part of your online marketing budget. Fortunately, blogging doesn’t even have to be that expensive.

Today, we’re going to explain some of the advantages of blogging – and why our customers love the results of our blogging.

1) You Can Establish Yourself as an Authority Source in Any Industry

One of the cool parts about blogging is that we get to learn about industries that people don’t normally talk about.

Whether you install windows in Texas or you sell directional drilling equipment in Oklahoma, you have the chance to establish yourself as an authority in your industry with blogging. You have unique knowledge that’s never been on the internet before. People are searching for your industry every day online – but in small, niche industries, there isn’t always a lot of information.

2) You Can Convert Blog Visitors Into Customers

Most people who visit your blog will not become customers. However, blogging attracts the right kind of traffic to your website: typically, it’s highly-targeted traffic that has already shown interest in your niche.

The type of person reading a blog post about the “Top 6 Directional Drilling Equipment Providers in Oklahoma City” is the kind of person who’s interested in directional drilling equipment. If you sell that type of equipment, then you want that kind of person on your website.

When done right, blogging converts free visitors into paying customers. It’s as simple as that.

3) It’s a One-Time Fee for Long-Term Results

Blogging is an investment. It takes time and labor to produce excellent content online. You’ll need to pay a writer – or one of your own employees – to create that content.

You can see that money as an investment in the future of your company. You’re paying for a blog post today, but that blog post will stay on the internet forever. You might pay $100 for a good blog post, but that blog post pays for itself many times over because over time it may attract steady visitors to your site every month.

With ongoing blog maintenance, you can watch your site grow over time. In exchange for a fee every month, you can reap the benefits of blogging over and over again.

4) It’s Free Traffic

Once a blog post is on your site, it’s a free source of traffic. Free traffic is amazing. Many businesses pay for traffic – like through pay-per-click marketing. If you have a good blog, you can use it to supplement your other paid traffic sources, or avoid paying for traffic altogether if the blog traffic is sufficient to meet your growth goals.

It’s easy to recoup your blogging investment when you don’t have to pay for every single website visitor. That means every visitor has the potential to earn you a profit.

When you see your blog as a free source of traffic, you realize you’d be silly not to take advantage of the power of blogging.

5) It Gives a Personal, Friendly Face to your Business

Another cool part about blogging is that it introduces people to your business.

You might be some boring shoe repair company at a mall in suburban Fort Worth. But thanks to your blog, you can introduce yourself to the world.

You can share updates about what makes your shoe repair company great. You can tell the story about how your company founder arrived in America 50 years ago with just $10 in his pocket, or how the company is based on 6 generations of shoemaking experience in Italy.

In short, blogging lets you put a friendly, personable face on your business. Nobody likes to read a boring, dry blog post. People like to read blog posts with humor and personality.

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Ultimately, a good blog is a crucial part of an overall online marketing strategy.

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