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Why Your Business May Need a Content Marketing Manager

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Why Your Business May Need a Content Marketing Manager

Content marketing managers expand the influence of your business online. They identify areas of potential growth, then create content that helps your business achieve that growth.

But can your small-to-medium-sized business really afford to hire a content marketing manager? Today, we’re going to help you answer that question.

What Do Content Marketing Managers Do?

Content marketing managers have five primary roles at a company, although those specific roles vary from business to business:

-Creator: Content marketing may be a science, but good content marketing managers are also creative. In a crowded online marketplace full of ideas, they need to think outside the box to get your business noticed.

-Leader: Content marketing managers typically lead a team of people. That team might be in-house or outsourced. Team-leading ability is integral.

-Project Manager: Content marketing managers work with tasks that have a concrete start and end date, so project management skills are always important.

-Organizer: Content marketing managers are always juggling multiple people and projects, so strong organizational skills are essential.

-Strategist: Content marketing managers create strategies and then implement those strategies to expand your business’s influence and brand online.

A Good Content Marketing Manager Performs Multiple Valuable Roles

Some businesses have SEO departments, tech departments, writing departments, and social media management departments.

Other businesses just have one content marketing manager.

Content marketing managers might do all of the above work themselves – or they could outsource it. Some of the skills a good content marketing manager brings to the table include:

-Content Marketing: This one’s obvious, but it needs to be said.

-Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Is good content really good content if nobody can find it in search engines online?

-Social Media Marketing: Some of the best content is either shared or produced over social media.

-Editing, Blogging, Copywriting, Analytics, Back-End, and Much More: Content marketing managers perform a diverse range of roles at most businesses. Whatever your business’s online content production needs might be, your content marketing manager should be able to help. From general WordPress blogging to increasing brand awareness and humanization through social media, a good content marketing manager helps expand your company’s overall digital presence online.

How Much Should You Pay a Content Marketing Manager?

Digital Marketer claims that the content marketing managers in America earn a median salary of $89,612, with most salaries falling between $80,688 and $101,782.

If you want to hire a dedicated full-time content marketing manager, then you can expect to pay someone close to that amount, depending on the cost of living and average salaries in your area.

Most people, however, find it beneficial to outsource content marketing management. Outside firms charge a fraction of that salary and will provide the same role.

Your SMB may not need a full-time content marketing manager – there just might not be enough work to justify the position, especially at smaller companies. That’s why outsourcing is the method of choice for many smaller businesses.

Discover How Affordable Content Marketing Managing Can Be with a Free Quote

You don’t have to hire a full time content marketing manager to enjoy all of the benefits of content marketing management. A full-time employee costs a lot. Contracting the work to an outside firm is the best way to go.

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