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Renew Marketing is the exclusive Range.Me Sales Rep for BioRite Nutritionals, the creator, and manufacturer of TurboPowerPlusSuper Immunity Energy Formula!

This Super Immunity Formula was originally formulated to address the poor eating habits and nutrition of long-haul truck drivers. Most people first look to caffeine for increased energy but forget that a supplement rich in vitamins, minerals, herbs, and super nutrients naturally provides energy for the body.

Early customers purchased TurboPowerPlus in Truck and Travel Centers, like Love’s, TA/Petro, and many independents – and still do today. In fact, TurboPowerPlus is one of the “Top 60 Best Selling Products” in Love’s product lineup.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has exploded the demand for superior Immune-Building supplements like TurboPowerPlus.

TurboPowerPlus is an advanced formula that delivers a complete profile for daily immune-health and energy, including “The Super-Immunity Trifecta” of Zinc, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin C.

All this from a single 1-ounce shot/day – every day. This powerful formula is very affordable for consumers at about $1.27/day.

47 Vitamins, Enzymes, Herbs, and Super Nutrients 17 Powerful Antioxidant OPC’s 72 Ionic Trace Minerals All in liquid form for maximum absorption. 

Our customers are loyal daily users – repeat customers – month-after-month they return to your store to replenish their supply. This creates loyal repeat customers for your store and drives sales of other products.

A Bright Future . . . .

Due to rapid demand in early 2020, due in part to the Covid-19 pandemic and a global hyper-awareness of the need for immune-support supplements, Biorite developed 2 additional product sizes to address convenience stores and outlets with limited shelf space availability.

We now offer a 16 oz. bottle of TurboPowerPlus and in early 2021, a 1 oz. foil-pack shot of this great formula will be available for On-the-Go Immunity and Energy.