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Tips and Tricks for Marketing to International Audiences Online

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Tips and Tricks for Marketing to International Audiences Online

In Dallas, internet marketing specialists usually only have to worry about marketing in one language: English. However, Texas was also once a part of Mexico, and that means that there are millions of Spanish-language speakers throughout the state. In fact, in specific counties, like Starr County, approximately 97% of residents are Hispanic.

Ready to learn how to market to Hispanics online in Dallas and other parts of Texas – even if you have absolutely no grasp on the Spanish language? Follow these tips:

Use Google Analytics to check visitor language

There are some internet marketers who feel that Google Analytics is just a fancy spying tool for Google. But for people who aren’t conspiracy theorists, Google Analytics is an easy and effective way to view critical information about your website. On Google Analytics, you can easily see the demographic breakdown of your website’s visitors. You can view the country where your traffic is coming from, for example, as well as the language they speak (i.e. the language they have set to default on their browser). Use Google Analytics to keep track of your popularity with Spanish-speakers.

Use Ubersuggest to automatically generate foreign keywords

If you’re marketing to a Spanish-speaking audience for plastic surgery in Dallas, then your searchers may not be using keywords like “plastic surgery Dallas”. Instead, they’ll be searching using a keyword like “cirugia plastica”. Remember when I told you that you don’t need any knowledge of Spanish to follow these tips? That’s why I recommend using Google Translate to translate your main keyword before using a tool like Ubersuggest to generate a list of keywords from that. Ubersuggest is as easy as it gets – just copy and paste your foreign language keyword into the form and it will output a list of related keywords.

Check your Mexican competition

Depending on which industry you’re in, there may be hundreds of big Mexican/Spanish-language sites already addressing demand. To find the best websites in a specific industry, use SimilarWeb, which lists all of the top websites for a chosen industry in a certain country. If you’re marketing an online service, then this step may highlight your competition. Or, if your services are local, you may be able to find high-quality Spanish-language directories where you can list your website.

Develop content for your target audience

This tip applies to any type of Dallas internet marketing, but many people forget about it when catering to a foreign audience. Instead of using foreign keywords to direct visitors to your English-language sales pages, put a little more effort into your work and create Spanish-language ordering forms, product pages, and more. Hire a Spanish-speaking writer to create good, relevant content on your blog. If you’re serious about marketing to a Hispanic audience, then this tip will go a long way.

Always talk to a real Spanish-speaking person before your campaign begins

Before you invest thousands of dollars into marketing your new foreign language keywords online, always check with a real Spanish-language speaker. Google Translate is far from perfect and the Spanish spoken in Mexico is different from the Spanish spoken in Spain. In Spain, for example, apartments are called ‘pisos’, while in Mexico, ‘pisos’ refers to ‘floors’ and ‘apartamentos’ is used for apartments.

By following the above tips, you can easily improve your visibility with Hispanics throughout Dallas the state of Texas. If your competitors aren’t already doing this, then you now have a major advantage.