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The Best Free Tools for Managing your Business Reputation Online

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Best Free Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

The Best Free Tools for Managing your Business Reputation Online

Reputation management is crucial for any business. Small and medium-sized businesses, however, are particularly vulnerable to the whims of online reputation management.

A single bad review can sink a new restaurant. One negative customer experience posted online can turn away hundreds or even thousands of new customers.

At Renew Marketing, we want to help! Today, we’ll share some tips and tricks for keeping your online reputation in good shape.  

We’re not going to give away all of our reputation management secrets in a blog post. We will, however, share some of the free tools that other reputation management companies use to grow, build, and improve your reputation on the internet.

Use UberSuggest to Identify Google Auto-Complete Suggestions

Reputation management companies spend a lot of time talking about search results. However, before a user even sees the search engine results page, he will see Google’s auto-complete suggestions.

When you type something into Google, a number of phrases will pop up to automatically complete your search.

When you type in Nike, for example, Google will recommend keywords like “shoes”.

UberSuggest lets you see which keywords Google is suggesting for your business. At UberSuggest.org, you can view variations of your auto-complete values for various letters.

Which word pops up when the user types“Nike a…” for example? What about “Nike b…”? Which words has Google connected with your business?

Have you ever Googled a company and seen a word like “scam” or “bad” in the auto-complete listings? These keywords can negatively effect your image of a company long before you get to the search results page.

Thanks to UberSuggest, you can monitor which words Google is using to automatically complete your listing.

As a bonus, UberSuggest’s keyword research is also great for creating keywords to boost your other marketing campaigns.

ImageRaider Can Help You Find Stolen Company Images Online

Want to see where your business’s images, logos, and other material are being used online? ImageRaider is a great place to start. Found online at ImageRaider.com, the website lets you upload a unique image, then search for any pages where those images are being used.

It’s like performing a Google image search in reverse.

There are a number of different ways to useImageRaider. Some use it to generate backlinks: find where your photos are being used online, then ask the author to add a link to the original source.

Other people use ImageRaider to find out which websites to sue. You might find a scam company using your CEO’s headshot, for example. Or, a website might be fraudulently using your logo.

It’s easy to copy and paste words into Google to find out where your work is being plagiarized. ImageRaider lets you do something similar with images.

Use KnowEm.com to Find your Company Username on 500+ Social Networks

Smart business owners have already registered usernames on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other major social media websites. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of social media websites out there, and someone could be abusing your identity on any of these sites.

A website called KnowEm.com makes it easy to find your company name on 500+ social networks. Just enter your company username into KnowEm.com to get started.

Sometimes, you’ll find your name available on a number of high-profile sites. In that case, it’s a good idea to sign up for these websites to protect your brand.

In other cases, you might find someone abusing your identity on a social media website. Somebody might be “squatting”on your brand name, for example, or even impersonating you.

With KnowEm.com, you can protect your reputation across the internet.

Use Google Alerts to Track Trends, Mentions, and News

Google Alerts is one of the best online marketing tools available online for free today. With Google Alerts, you receive a notification anytime a specific keyword is mentioned or anytime a news story breaks in a specific topic.

If you’re managing your SMB’s reputation online,you may want to type your company name into the Google Alert page. This way, you can track news stories about your company – including any mentions of your company online.

With Google Alerts, you can respond to news stories as soon as they break online. You can choose to have alerts delivered to your email inbox as soon as they happen. Or, you can setup daily or weekly alerts.

Social Mention Tracks Social Media Mentions Across the Internet

Just like Google Alerts tracks news stories, Social Mention tracks social media mentions. Social Mention is surprisingly advanced. You can track things like brand sentiment over time, letting you gauge whether your brand has a largely positive or negative online reputation.

Social Mention tracks 80 different websites, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

The results on Social Mention will come with various measurements attached, including the strength, sentiment, passion,and reach of your mentions. Are people speaking about your company online in a positive or negative way? How much reach is your company generating? SocialMention lets you track these metrics, among others.

Social Mention is also totally free to use.You can get started today just by typing any brand name into the SocialMention.com search box.

You’ve worked hard to build your business reputation.  Hopefully these tips will help you keep it clean online as well.