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Does Social Media Marketing Actually Help Your Dallas Business?

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Does Social Media Marketing Actually Help Your Dallas Business?

When talking about the best ways to increase your company’s online presence, social media marketing inevitably enters the conversation. Social media marketing involves using popular social websites like Facebook or Twitter to promote your business in various ways.

But you probably already know that. And your business probably already has a Twitter account and a Facebook page. What you may not know is that social media marketing might not be as effective as you think when it comes to expanding your company’s online presence.

Which brings us to the big question: does social media marketing Dallas actually help your business?

Usually, yes

Usually, social media marketing will help your company connect with your customers. It will help to inspire intelligent conversation about your products and services while giving people an instant and convenient way to contact your company. Whether you’re catering to potential customers or connecting with existing ones, a single Twitter follow can go a long ways.

And, once you’ve engaged users through social media, your company can begin to convert those users into paying customers. Send out promotional tweets about sales, contests, and any other offers, and make sure the information is relevant to users. Soon enough, you’ll be pushing hundreds of visitors to your website using social networks every day.

Best of all, your social media marketing efforts cost nothing but your time. Unless you’re paying somebody to manage your company’s social media presence (which is often a good idea), social media marketing is 100% free.

At the very least, social media provides a boost to the search engine rankings of your site. Search engines like Google appreciate seeing social media integration on your site. Something as simple as a ‘Like’ or ‘+1’ button on your webpage can enhance the authority of your site in the eyes of Google, and studies have shown that with more tweets, retweets, likes, and shares, the rankings of a site tend to rise. In fact, in the study we just linked, having over 100 followers on Google Plus was enough to create a 15-spot boost in search engine rankings on an average website – that’s significant.

But sometimes, no

Sometimes, your social media users will get fed up with seeing a constant stream of advertising on their Twitter or Facebook accounts. If the information your social media account is sending out isn’t relevant or interesting to users, then you’ll start to attract negative attention to your company through your well-intentioned social media marketing efforts.

In rare cases, social media marketing can actually harm your business. Many companies have experienced embarrassing public relations fiascos after sending out a single bad tweet, for example. When used incorrectly, social media can give your company a bad name, and it’s important to walk a fine line between ‘interesting’ and ‘safe’.

Conclusion: Social media marketing Dallas helps your business when done right

Like anything in any industry, social media marketing will help your business when it’s done correctly. Instead of entrusting the face of your brand to an inexperienced social media marketing firm, why not make an intelligent choice and use Renew Marketing to push forward your company’s best face online?

Renew Marketing’s team of social media professionals has helped plenty of Dallas-based companies achieve their full potential online. From attracting followers on Twitter to converting Facebook fans into streams of revenue, Renew Marketing has the expertise needed to push any brand to the top. To learn more about Renew’s social media marketing Dallas services, click here!