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Six Digital Marketing Strategies Today’s Top Healthcare Providers Are Using to Get Ahead

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Six Digital Marketing Strategies Today’s Top Healthcare Providers Are Using to Get Ahead

Healthcare providers are some of the world’s largest digital marketing spenders. Today, America’s top healthcare providers compete with one another on prized search terms, spending millions of dollars to earn top placements on search engine results pages.

What are the country’s best healthcare providers doing to get ahead of the competition in 2019? Which strategies can your company use to boost its digital marketing outreach? Today, we’re explaining six digital marketing strategies top healthcare providers are using to get ahead in 2019.

Build Better Websites

You might have the top search ranking on Google. Unfortunately, the value of that ranking is wiped out by a bad website. If your website fails to convert visitors into patients or leads, then your top search position is meaningless.

Unless you’re the only healthcare provider in town, you’re going to be competing against other healthcare providers in most fields. Your website needs to entice visitors in 2-3 seconds. Otherwise, your visitor is clicking the back button and heading to a competitor’s page.

Some of the web design strategies today’s top healthcare providers are using include:

  • Clear branding and messaging
  • Loads quickly
  • Easy navigation
  • Simple, clear value proposition (explain what your healthcare provider does better than the rest)

If you can do these four things, then your company’s website can be successful at converting visitors into patients or leads.

Optimize for Mobile Users

Today, most website visitors are visiting from mobile devices. Optimize your healthcare service provider’s website for smartphones and tablets. Make sure you understand what your website looks like on a smartphone or tablet.

Your customers aren’t just using desktops anymore. Unfortunately, many companies have failed to adjust their web design strategies. That’s a problem. There’s no excuse for not having a mobile-optimized website in 2019.

There are some obvious ways to optimize your website for mobile devices. Make sure it works smoothly and effectively on mobile devices of multiple resolutions, for example. Other strategies your healthcare company can use include:

  • Add a call to action (CTA) at the bottom of each page of your website; a mobile visitor might be visiting your page after typing a question into Google, and a good CTA can convert that visitor into a patient 
  • Offer something for free; give away an eBook, a free phone consultation, or an online guide in exchange for an email address to lure in mobile visitors
  • Prominently display your phone number on any page; most mobile phones allow you to directly call any phone number just by tapping the screen, so take advantage of this feature and make it as easy as possible for someone to get in touch

Using the strategies above, you can optimize your website for mobile audiences and ensure your mobile visitors turn into leads or patients.

Flex your Expertise to Stand Out from Competitors

Many healthcare providers use the same basic template as their competitors. There’s a proven effective way to market healthcare services online, and many healthcare service providers are now using similar templates.

To an average website visitor, it’s hard to distinguish your healthcare company from the competition.

Many healthcare providers advertise their services in a similar way. They claim to offer the highest quality healthcare services in town. They claim to employ the best doctors and nurses. They claim to have decades of experience providing quality care to patients.

Your healthcare company needs to flex its qualifications to distinguish itself from the pack.

Some healthcare service providers flex their expertise by showcasing their awards and achievements. Has your practice or facility won any awards? Have you been featured by major media outlets in the past?

Other healthcare companies prove their expertise using statistics. How long have you been serving the community? How many patients have you successfully treated? Which percentage of your nurses and staff have professional degrees?  

Stats, achievements, and awards are a great way to distinguish your healthcare company from its competition online.

Advertise the Positive Experiences of Previous Patients

Have you successfully treated patients in the past? Have you received media attention for a noteworthy patient, outcome or community event or involvement? To advertise your services to potential future patients, it helps to highlight the positive experiences of previous patients.

Some healthcare providers will sit down for an in-person interview with a previous patient. You might film the interview and post it on YouTube. The patient talks about how they were happy with the treatment provided by your clinic or company. Prospective future patients can watch that video to see proof that you have helped similar patients in the past.

Other healthcare providers simply post a written testimonial. A quote accompanied by a picture and a brief synopsis of the patient’s story can be effective, for example. 

There are rules and guidelines for using testimonials, particularly related to atypical outcomes, so be sure to educate yourself on the rules or work with a professional who can help you stay within the rules regarding testimonials. 

Give Something Away

In some healthcare fields, healthcare providers can benefit from offering a free consultation to prospective patients. The elective healthcare field – like plastic surgery clinics – can benefit from giving away free consultations, for example.

If you don’t give away something for free online to entice patients, then your competitors will.

Many healthcare providers today offer free consultations to entice potential patients. Consider offering a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation to attract future patients. Obviously, this doesn’t work as well for urgent care providers and similar service providers, but it can be effective for elective healthcare fields.

Or, give something else away for free – like an eBook that explains various healthcare principles. Give away an eBook called “Top 5 Strategies for Healthy Living” in exchange for an email address.

The prospective patient gets something for free, and you get the email address of a prospective patient.

Optimize your Social Media Marketing

Healthcare providers don’t typically use social media the same way as other companies. You don’t see as many healthcare providers advertising on Instagram, for example, or tweeting prolifically. Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be particularly popular among healthcare providers.

Finding the right content to share online can be tough. Some healthcare providers highlight stories from happy previous patients. Other healthcare providers feature awards, achievements, and other positive stories.

Some healthcare providers use social media to answer health-related questions. You might respond to questions related to your specific specialization area, for example.

Remember: just because other healthcare providers are focusing on Facebook and LinkedIn doesn’t mean your company has to. While Facebook and LinkedIn remain crowded with healthcare companies, platforms like Instagram are being utilized successfully by more tech-savvy healthcare companies to attract new patients.


By following the strategies above, you can optimize your healthcare company’s online presence and ensure your website visitors turn into patients or leads.  

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