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How Do Internet Marketing Agencies Actually Help Your Company?

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How Do Internet Marketing Agencies Actually Help Your Company?

If your company is trying to expand its online presence, then there are a number of different ways you can do that. But one of the best and most highly recommended ways to expand online presence for any company is to hire an expert.

But who is this ‘expert’ and what does he actually do to help your company? Here are a few things that any good internet marketing expert will do to expand your company’s presence:

Increase website optimization rate

Companies sell everything from couches to cable services online. But no matter what you’re trying to sell, an SEO company’s job is to increase the rate at which people buy your product or service. If 100 people visit your site and only 1 person buys your product, that’s not an ideal conversion rate. An SEO company will be able to tweak the website’s design, find better traffic sources, and ideally get that conversion rate up to 5%, 10%, or even higher (depending on what kind of product or service you’re selling, of course).  

Increase website traffic

Speaking in terms of broad goals, one of an SEO’s primary jobs is to increase traffic to your website. Increased website traffic is always a good thing, and good SEO companies use every tool at their command in order to drive more visitors to your website. From diversifying traffic sources to increasing the website’s presence on search engines, the more traffic your website receives, the more customers it will create.

Build a brand

Those who are starting websites and companies today may be competing against businesses that are decades old. While many business owners are naturally inclined to emulate the success of that larger brand, it’s generally a better idea to carve your own identity. Internet marketing professionals will come up with a brand image that appeals to the ideal consumer and then build your website, Twitter account, blog, and other online properties around that brand image.

(Or) build online content that aligns with an existing positive brand image

Of course, if the internet marketing company is working with a large multinational brand, then building a new brand probably doesn’t fall under the job description. Instead, the SEO company will take the existing positive brand that the company has developed and use that when communicating over social media, building websites, and whatever else. This provides customers with a uniform experience whether they’re walking into a company’s retail outlet or following that company on Twitter.

The ‘No Boundaries’ approach

Some SEO companies operate under the no boundaries approach. As described by Rand from SEOMoz, the no boundaries approach involves giving an SEO agency full control over every aspect of an online campaign. Instead of just telling an SEO company to “build links” or “create good advertisements”, a better approach is to allow an SEO company to tinker with things like website usability, page load speed, and any other aspects that might not traditionally fall into the realm of ‘what an SEO does’.

Some online marketing agencies will even take this no boundaries SEO approach a step further and provide comprehensive marketing solutions. With this approach, the company might be interested in doing a brand overhaul or totally changing its name. And who better to change the name than a company with decades of internet marketing experience that will appeal to today’s internet users?

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