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How to Increase Website Traffic Even When You Have No Money

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How to Increase Website Traffic Even When You Have No Money

Increasing website traffic is easy – if you have a million dollar budget.

You can buy advertising space, launch professional commercial videos, and pay the world’s best copywriters to create fantastic advertising copy.

But most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have a million dollar budget they can devote to increasing website traffic.

So how do companies increase website traffic even when they’re broke? Today, I’m going to show you the best ways to attract visitors even when you have a minuscule budget.

Create a low-budget YouTube video

YouTube is one of the best ways to attract engaged traffic online. Unfortunately, creating a high-quality commercial video for your business is expensive and impractical.

That’s why you need to work with a shoestring budget. Create a slideshow for your business featuring the best pictures you have. Or, ask permission from another video creator to upload a video to your channel and share it with your audience.

You may even be able to purchase a video from a creator – many YouTube channels would be ecstatic to have a money offer appear in their inbox.

Don’t set your sights too high with YouTube. Creating a video with a million hits isn’t as easy as you might think and nobody can predict what goes viral online these days.

However, by uploading a video that targets a specific high-volume keyword, you can attract a surprising number of website views. Plus, Google is showing more and more YouTube videos on its search engine results page, which means you can often sneak into high-competition keywords with a simple YouTube video.

Get employees to produce content

Whether it’s a funny video or an informative blog post, your employees are your company’s best assets when it comes to producing content.

Your employees have unique industry insight. Think about all the knowledge your employees have collected from their years on the job. Think of the things you do every day that aren’t in textbooks or online tutorials.

Write that knowledge down and share it with your audience. You’re creating unique insight into your niche while giving employees some online exposure. Ask employees to take a few minutes out of their day to write a blog post and you can create high-quality content at little to no extra cost.

Answer questions on relevant websites

Every day, millions of people turn to the internet for help. If your company’s product or service solves a problem, then you need to address these problems wherever they appear.

Answer questions on places like Reddit ,Quora, Yahoo Answers, and anywhere else people go to solve problems.

One of the most important parts of this traffic building traffic is to avoid spam. Don’t mention your product or service in irrelevant answers and try to build a genuine reputation as someone who likes to help others. Before long, people will be willing to try whatever product or service you suggest.

Copy your competitors

Internet marketing isn’t always like Survivor. You can’t outwit, outplay, and outlast your competitors in order to be successful.

In fact, a more realistic way to interpret the internet would be to copy, copy, and copy your competitors until you’re doing something better.

Copying is cheap, effective, and morally questionable. Look at what your competitors are doing to draw traffic to their sites and emulate that approach.

Maybe they have a funny Twitter account. Or maybe they’re producing great YouTube videos. Understand the tactics of your enemy and adapt those tactics for your own brand.

You don’t have to copy your competitors at every step of the way. But if you can copy your competitors, adapt their tactics, and add in your own special ingredients, then you could create your own winning formula.