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How to Extract Maximum Value from Free Blog Posts: Tips & Strategies

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How to Extract Maximum Value from Free Blog Posts: Tips & Strategies

If you search for “digital marketing tips” online, you’ll find plenty of people who recommend publishing free blog posts and guides.

Yes, free blog posts and guides can attract attention to your business. They can establish you as a thought leader in your space and help customers solve tricky problems.

Unfortunately, simply publishing blog posts online isn’t enough. There are millions of blogs on the internet – and they all provide free advice.

Today I’ll explain some strategies companies can use to maximize the value of free articles, reports, and blog posts.

You spend a lot of time writing blog posts. Unfortunately, without proper tactics, you could be wasting that time. Today, we’re explaining how to maximize the value of free blog posts and guides.

Check Analytics to Copy Blog Posts that Work

Some blog posts perform better than others. In many cases, it’s the blog posts you least expect. A random post you wrote 5 years ago might experience a surge in traffic, for example. Or, a smaller blog post might rank high in search engines for a niche keyword.

Other blog posts are simply engaging. They draw readers in. They use the right images. They tackle a topic others haven’t tackled.

Check analytics and copy your most successful blog posts. Create an add-on to a previous blog post. Write a follow-up or update.

Or, better yet, update the most successful blog posts with calls to action. You could have thousands of visitors on your most successful blog posts – but there’s not even an email submit form or other call to action. Change that.

Boost Readability

Simple tactics can significantly improve readability, including:

  • Use short paragraphs. Some of the best and most-readable blog posts use one-sentence paragraphs.
  • Use white space effectively. People don’t want to read a brick wall of text.
  • Put important information in subheadings. Most people skim, and you still want skimmers to get information from your blog post.
  • Take time to make images or graphics. Say the same point in seconds using an image. Break up a wall of text with a timely graphic.

Give Readers a Reason Not to Skim

Most readers are skimmers. They clicked on your blog post because they were interested in the heading, then scan the article looking for the most valuable information.

Few readers read an article from beginning to end, devouring every word.

Skimming is okay! You’re not going to change human behavior anytime soon.

However, you can give people a reason not to skim. Draw people in with intriguing subheadings. Bold and italicize things you want customers to read. Use whitespace and images to catch a customer’s eye.

The best way to fight skimmers is to use short sentences. Don’t make readers dive for information in wordy paragraphs.

Subtly Influence Readers

Use subtle sales strategies throughout a blog post to turn readers into buyers.

Ways to influence readers include:

Emphasize Value Specific to Each Reader: Yes, blog posts should emphasize your value to readers. However, too few businesses advertise value specific to each reader. Sometimes, that means making multiple blog posts on similar topics to cater to different segments of your audience.

Emphasize Results: Renew Marketing could call ourselves the best digital marketing firm in Dallas, but that doesn’t mean much. Instead, we’ll tell you about how we increased conversions 470% for a medium-sized corporation in the DFW area, or how we tripled web traffic in a month with simple content marketing strategies. Emphasize results in your blog post – avoid making vague claims.

Address Skepticism: Readers have questions. Readers have doubts about your claims. Readers need you to answer those questions before they buy your product or service. Address this skepticism upfront. Assuage fears. Provide evidence supporting your claims. Readers can leave your blog post skeptical – or they can leave your blog post confident about your product or service.

Final Word

Good blog posts can turn unpaying visitors into satisfied customers.

Good blog posts educate visitors. They solve a problem for visitors while also emphasizing the value of your product or service. Some blog posts just establish your position as a thought leader in your space.

Request a free consultation from Renew Marketing today. Discover the strategies your industry’s leaders are using to maximize conversions from blog posts and online guides.