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How to Get Customers to Promote Your Business For You

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How to Get Customers to Promote Your Business For You

Word of mouth marketing can be very powerful when done properly. In fact, some small businesses rely entirely on word of mouth advertising.

Today, the internet is a ubiquitous force in the marketing world, and that might cause some people to think that word of mouth advertising is dead. These people are completely wrong. Today, online word of mouth has helped many businesses attract new customers.

But building positive word of mouth online isn’t the same as building worth of mouth in the real world. One good review on a third-party website might be read by thousands of your potential customers. But one bad online review, on the other hand, could push thousands of people away from your business.

How do you make sure online word of mouth advertising is working in your favor? Here are a few tips to get you started:

Optimize the number of ways in which customers can find your business online

Nobody likes to visit five different websites in order to understand what your company does. Make sure the front page of Google’s search results for your company are filled with useful information. Ideally, your company’s website will be the first result. What comes after depends entirely yon your industry. You might find an article from a recent news story, for example. Or, you might find an independent review website for your industry. In any case, make sure the front page of Google has all the information people need to learn more about your company, and preferably a few review sites where customers can share their experiences.

Use Google Places for local businesses

Google’s search algorithm has changed frequently over the years. One of the most prominent changes involves Google Places for local businesses. Today, businesses can set up a Google Places page in order to attract user reviews. Your page will show up in search results, encouraging customers to leave a positive review, or read reviews from other customers.

Learn how to outrank bad reviews

If a bad review for your company is appearing on Google searches, it’s not the end of the world. There are two different solutions to this problem. First, you can push that review website off the first page of Google, which means that fewer people will see it. This involves performing search engine optimization tactics on other websites so that they outrank the negative result.

An easier way to limit the effect of bad reviews is to encourage happy customers to advertise your services online. Try giving happy customers a discount on their next purchase if they write a short, positive review on a particular website. This works especially well for those in the restaurant industry, where a single bad review on Yelp or UrbanSpoon can have a significant impact on your business. Write a note on your receipt that reminds customers to leave a review.

Advantages of online word of mouth advertising

As if you needed further incentive to develop your online word of mouth advertising campaign, here are a few of its most powerful advantages:

-It’s free! Unless you’re paying people to review your product, word of mouth advertising is 100% free

-Power in numbers. Just like a video goes viral on the internet, word of mouth advertising can quickly expand. One person might rave about your company’s product at a party with 10 people. Then, those 10 people could tell each of their 10 friends about your product, creating real-world viral marketing.

Is your company ready?

If you’re ready to start developing positive word of mouth advertising online, then contact Renew Marketing today. With years of experience in online marketing Dallas, Renew can ensure your business is taking full advantage of the range of advertising options available on the internet.