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How to Create Awesome Blogs About Boring Topics

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How to Create Awesome Blogs About Boring Topics

Almost any SEO expert will tell you to start a blog if you want to increase search engine rankings. But starting a blog isn’t always easy. It takes a commitment of time and effort. And in some industries, starting a blog might seem like a fruitless endeavor because your topic is so boring.

But creating an entertaining blog is never impossible – no matter how boring your topic may seem. Here are a few tips that will turn your boring industry blog – about vacuum cleaning, the history of knitting, pool cleaning products, or whatever – into a thriving hub of activity.

Write articles about ‘the bigger picture’

If you’re writing in a boring industry, don’t pigeonhole yourself into writing about specifically boring topics. For example, let’s say your business sells pool cleaning products.

Sure, you could write a few blog posts about choosing the right ingredients for a pool cleaning solution or how to scrub the walls of your pool. But take a look at the bigger picture and consider some topics that people who buy pool cleaning products might want to read.

To do that, you have to think of some things your customers have in common. What’s something that people who buy pool cleaning products have in common? Well to start, they all have pools. So write articles that appeal to people with pools:

-5 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Pool

-How to Protect Kids and Pets Around Your Pool

-The Best Ways to Entertain Guests at your Pool in the Summer

-6 Drink Recipes that Taste Great Around an Outdoor Pool

You don’t even have to mention the specific name of your pool cleaning product on the blog. The pool owner is already on your website. Your article has already attracted that person to your page, and it’s up to your website’s calls to action to convert that person into a paying customer.

Ask questions, then answer them

One of the most important reasons to start a blog is to attract search engine traffic. If you’re in a specific (and boring) niche, then you may be in a unique position to answer questions that few people on the internet have answered before.

If you own a vacuum cleaner business, for example, then you know quite a bit more about vacuum cleaners than the average person. Look for questions people are asking about vacuum cleaners, then answer them. Sure, thousands of people might not be asking that question every day, but you’ll be attracting the exact type of targeted traffic that you want.

Spend time researching and avoid generalities

Visitors don’t come to your blog to learn stuff they already know. They come seeking answers to questions. And they don’t want basic answers that anybody could figure out.

In the example listed above, we mentioned a potential article titled “The Best Ways to Entertain Guests at your Pool in the Summer.” Your article could be filled with tips like:

-Talk to your guests and make them feel included

-Ask your guests if they want anything to drink

-Make sure your guests have towels

But all of these tips are incredibly basic, and anybody who has talked to another human being would be able to figure these tips out on their own. You want to provide a deeper level of value beyond what people already know.

You don’t have to be a natural expert on a particular topic. Spend time doing research (about half of the time you spend writing blog posts should be spend researching) and transfer that knowledge into a post that is easy-to-digest and establishes yourself as an expert.

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