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7 Underrated Ways to Improve Your Business’s Web Design to Boost Conversions

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Improve Your Website Conversion

7 Underrated Ways to Improve Your Business’s Web Design to Boost Conversions

Conversion rate optimization is a mandatory goal for any company that has a website.

When more people visit your website and perform an action – like enter an email address or request a consultation – that means more business.

As you might expect, strong conversion rates start with strong web design. Today, we’re sharing 7 underrated ways to improve your business’s web design in order to boost conversion rates.

Don’t Make Social Media Icons So Prominent

In the early days of social media, companies loved advertising their social media buttons all across their headers or in more prominent locations.

Today, however, that practice is beginning to fall out of favor. Customers just assume you have an active Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram page. If they want to check it out, they’ll go looking for it.

When you put social media icons in your header, you’re inviting your customers to leave your site just after they arrived!

Consider moving social media icons from your header to your footer – especially if you’ve noticed a problem with bounce rates going to your social media sites.

Avoid Slideshows

In today’s “give it to me now” generation, we don’t have time to wait 3 seconds for the next slide of your website to appear. 90% of visitors have already made a decision about your company within 3 seconds of arriving at your site.

Most of these people will not stay on a page long enough to experience all of the tiles and messages of your slideshow – no matter how lovingly they’re crafted.

Instead, give it to customers all at once. Display more information about your business further down the page. Promote the one most important thing your company does at the very top of the page and then provide further explanation further down the page.

Consider Putting Everything on One Page

This approach works for some companies, but not all. If your company is selling one straightforward product or service, then consider adding links to your page that simply direct a user further down the page to an appropriate subheading.

This works if your company can display all information about your product on one easy-to-read page. Separate your main sales page into things like “Features”, “Pricing”, “Colors and Customization” etc.

This keeps everyone on the same sales page – which should hopefully have a clear call to action.

It also means that visitors won’t be opening multiple tabs or scrolling through page after page of information to get what they need. Everything loads on one page and gives the customer everything they need to learn more about your product or service.

Design Away from a Computer

This tip doesn’t work for everyone, but it can certainly help.

Sometimes, the best way to improve your web design is to step away from the computer. Draw your perfect web plan onto a whiteboard or a piece of paper. Sketch out how you want the sidebar, header, and footer to look.

This frees you from the constraints of whatever design system you’re currently using. At the same time, it allows you to create a design that genuinely works for your business.

Consider the 5 Second Rule and Avoid the Back Button

The back button is the most commonly used command on the internet today. When somebody visits your website, they’re looking for any excuse to hit the back button (unless you have something really interesting to offer).

Your site should have something that draws the reader’s attention within 3 to 5 seconds. If it doesn’t, that visitor is gone.

Those 3 to 5 seconds include loading time: if your site doesn’t load quickly, then your visitor will have already taken off before you get a chance to win them over.

Invest in Professional Photography

Professional photography may be the most underrated part of good web design. If your bio picture on your website looks a lot like your Facebook picture from 5 years ago, then you should probably consider investing in professional photography.

Hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your staff in front of a high-quality backdrop. All staff should have the same backdrop for a coherent look across your site.

If you’re running a business where you expect customers to come visit you, then invest in professional photography that highlights the best parts of your business – like your front entrance, your friendly staff, or your extensive selection of products.

Install Every Possible Browser and Check Out How your Site Looks Across Multiple Platforms

There are literally thousands of different mobile devices on the market today. Many have unique resolutions, unique plugins, and other unique features that may prevent your site from working properly.

Your customers come from all different devices and backgrounds. Make sure your web design caters to each one’s unique needs (within reason).

At the very least, you should know exactly how your website looks on the world’s most popular browsers, which are (in declining order of popularity)






-UC Browser




These stats take into account all browser traffic across desktop, mobile, and tablet devices. Source:

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