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5 Easy Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

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5 Easy Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

A website’s conversion rate is arguably its most important metric. It’s the metric that most directly affects your revenue.

It can also be seen as the “apex metric”. Every other metric – from social media marketing to search engine rankings – affects your conversion rate.

Is your website converting as many visitors as it could? Follow these tips to easily increase your website’s conversion rate:

5) Add reviews, testimonials, and verification icons to your site

A number of studies have been done on the effectiveness of adding reviews to your site. Most of these studies have come out in favor of reviews.

Today’s online shoppers are educated enough to know that websites can say whatever they want on the internet. They need information from other shoppers to make an informed decision. If they can’t find reviews on your website, they’re going to find them elsewhere.

That’s why you should consider adding reviews and testimonials to your website. One marketer was able to increase online sales by 35% after adding reviews to their site.

While you’re adding reviews, add some verification symbols as well. Popular verification or trust symbols include McAfee Secure seals, or better business bureau images. One site was able to increase conversions by 8.15% after adding just one small certification seal.

4) Send your visitors to the middle of the “funnel” – not the end

Your website should already have some sort of sales “funnel”. This is the funnel through which your visitors travel before ending up as a conversion or sale.

Many content marketers push incoming visitors directly to the end of this funnel. This might seem more effective, but it doesn’t always work that way.

At least one website was able to triple its conversion rates by moving incoming visitors closer to the middle of the sales funnel. This allowed the website to communicate proof to visitors before letting the motivated visitors move to the next stage of the sales funnel.

The people who want your product are still going to buy your product. By moving visitors to the middle of the sales funnel, you may be able to convert a few of the visitors who weren’t going to buy your product, but are now considering a purchase after reading proof.

3) Optimize your “About” page to maximize conversions

Most websites have an “about” page. Most websites, however, never optimize their about page.

Why would you optimize your “about” page? Well, think about it.

When someone clicks on your about page, it means they’re interested in your website, your company, or your service. For some people, that page is the first page they click on after the main page of your site.

That’s why it presents an excellent conversion opportunity. Put an email address entry form on that page, for example, or a link to whatever product or service you’re trying to sell.

2) Add a feature box

This is particularly useful for websites where a “conversion” is an email address submission.

Feature boxes are large boxes that stand out from the page. Sometimes, they pop up on the page. Other sites have feature boxes on the sides or top header.

Wherever you put the feature box, it should briefly sum up why you want people to enter their email address and explain what kind of value they will get out of hitting that ‘Submit’ button.

People aren’t typically going to seek out your email sign up page. So put it right in front of their faces.

1) Hire professional conversion rate optimizers

Conversion rate optimization isn’t easy. It requires thorough knowledge of online user behavior along with constant tweaking, research, and analysis.

Most businesses don’t have time for that. Nor do they have the skills and expertise to truly optimize conversion rates.

That’s why many business strategists recommend hiring professional conversion rate optimizers. Online marketing firms like Renew Marketing offer professional conversion rate optimization services.

We thoroughly scan your site for any optimization opportunities. Ultimately, we apply our expertise, creativity, and intelligence to your site to increase its ability to convert visitors into paying customers.

Email us today for a free conversion rate optimization consultation! We’ll explain howyour site needs to improve and what you need to do to improve it.