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5 Crucial Content Marketing Tips for 2019

 Todd Tyler    Content Marketing

5 Crucial Content Marketing Tips for 2019

Content marketing has always existed in some form or another. 200 years ago, content marketing meant creating a better poster for your upcoming play at the theater. Twenty years ago, content marketing involved getting your company’s website mentioned in a newspaper. Today, content marketing can mean everything from blog and social posts to podcasts or video and continues to evolve every day.

Where will content marketing go in 2019? How can your brand stay ahead of its competition? Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the ways content marketing will change in 2019.

Your Content Needs to Demonstrate Unique Value to Users They Can’t Get Anywhere Else

Anyone can go to YouTube to watch a funny video. Anyone can check Twitter or Instagram to see memes, news, or celebrity gossip.

How can your content demonstrate its unique value to users? What can you do to make your content stand apart from the crowd?

Good content provides unique value to users that they can’t get anywhere else. Some of the best ways content can demonstrate value is through the following:

It’s Useful: Is your content useful? Can someone read your article to discover a solution to a problem? Does your video explain a complex subject in a simplified way? Whether it’s a guide, a how-to post, or a tutorial, make sure your content provides useful value that customers can’t get anywhere else.

It’s Informative: Is your content informative? Is it packed with data, stats, and valuable information? Or is it filled with fluff words? If your content is filled with flowery wording, customers are going to scan through it in five seconds, then click away.

It’s Entertaining: Your content is competing with all of the other content on the internet. If your content isn’t very entertaining, then people aren’t going to spend much time with it. Don’t confuse “entertaining” for being funny: your content can be entertaining without being funny. Does your content create some type of emotion within viewers or readers?

Be the “Go-To” Content Hub for your Industry

If you’re in an exciting, internet-focused industry, then content marketing might seem easy: just write about trending topics and share that content across social media.

But what about businesses in less glamorous industries? What about companies that build sheds for people? What about medical software companies? How can you make content interesting, entertaining, and useful in seemingly-boring industries?

One of the best content marketing strategies for any industry is to setup the “go to” content hub for your industry. Aggregate content from across the industry into one convenient places.

Share the five biggest news stories of the week from across your industry, for example.

Or, highlight how a partner is pushing the industry forward. If you’re feeling bold, highlight what some of your competitors are doing in the space. In some niches, collaboration between competitors can push the whole industry forward.

If you’re in a non-traditional industry, then there may be no other site offering a content hub like this. Nobody has taken the time to create a “hub” of content for your industry. Be that hub! Become the go-to source of aggregate news for your industry.

Get Creative When Marketing Content in a Boring Industry

Not all niches can be glamorous and exciting. Getting people to care about bathroom doors, for example, can be difficult.

Whatever niche you’re in, however, there’s the opportunity to make your content interesting. You just have to get creative.

Create a video showing how your employees have fun during the average workday, for example.

Explore your company’s unique culture. Share what makes your company unique or different from its competitors. Tell a unique story from one of your employees.

Or, tell people five things they don’t know about your industry.

If someone asked you to share five things about your industry that the public doesn’t know, then what would you tell them? What common misconceptions would you clear up? What’s the coolest thing about your job? What’s your favorite part of going to work every day?

There are creative ways to produce great content for any industry – whether it’s a boring or exciting niche.

Video Content Marketing Isn’t Going Away: Invest Now

Short videos are already dominating the online marketing space. The five second ads you see before videos on YouTube, the brief ads and stories you see on Instagram, and the videos you see while scrolling through Facebook are all going to become increasingly prevalent over the coming months.

Can your business create a short, snappy video that highlights your value, reinforces your brand, and explains your products and services to clients?

Video ads are becoming more common in the “real world” outside of the internet as well. Subway stations have video advertisements. Billboards feature videos instead of static images. Ad impressions continue to rise year over year in the video marketing space online and offline.

If you can do that, then you can succeed with content marketing in 2019. Consider hiring a professional digital marketing team to do it for you. Or, find a video production company in your area.

Be a More Social CEO

Many content marketing experts have noticed a similar trend over the last few years: there’s been a rise of social media savvy CEOs.

A social media savvy CEO prevents your company from being another faceless brand. When you think of Tesla’s marketing online, for example, you might think of Elon Musk on Twitter. T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere has taken a similar approach by being active on social media in promoting T-Mobile as an “alternative” carrier that’s “different” from competitors like AT&T.

John Legere has 5.74 million followers on Twitter. Elon Musk has 22.8 million. They have enormous followings. With a single tweet, these CEOs can reach millions of customers.

Consider becoming a social CEO. If you’re not social media savvy, then consider getting a member of your marketing team to run the account under your name. It’s a very easy way to put a face to your company’s otherwise faceless brand through clever content marketing.

Need Help with Content Marketing in 2019?

Content marketing in 2019 can be challenging. As companies in your niche continue to expand their content marketing efforts online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, using the content marketing strategies above, you can ensure your brand’s content marketing stays relevant in 2019 and beyond. Get in touch with Renew Marketing today to discover more creative ways we can push your brand’s content marketing strategy forward.