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4 Surprising Facts About Pay Per Click Marketing

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4 Surprising Facts About Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay per click marketing is changing the way city businesses attract traffic to their websites. Sure, SEO is a great way to enhance your website’s online presence over a long period of time. But smart online businesses supplement their traffic streams with PPC advertising.

Despite its popularity, there still plenty of misconceptions about pay per click marketing Dallas. To help set the record straight, here are some facts about PPC marketing that you may not have known:

4) It’s not as expensive as you think – even in competitive industries

SEO expert Larry Kim recently analyzed a billion dollars in AdWords spending to come up with some surprising figures about the PPC industry. Specifically, PPC advertising isn’t nearly as expensive as you may think, even in the internet’s most competitive industries. Take a look at some of the figures Kim came up with:

These are the top ten most expensive industries in PPC marketing, ranked by their average price per keyword. Some businesses are scared away from PPC marketing because they think competitive keywords will cost $50 or more per click. Although that may be true for a handful of super-competitive keywords in each industry, the average keyword price is surprisingly low – even in ultra-competitive industries like finance and education.

3) PPC isn’t as effective on mobile devices (yet)

Google recently released a disappointing Q3 earnings report. One of the major sources of this revenue drop was a decrease in AdWords conversion rates. With the rise in mobile technology like smartphones and tablets, consumers were performing more and more searches on mobile devices. However, these searchers were less likely to click on the advertisements that popped up. Searchers are often looking for specific information on their mobile device, which means they’re less likely to be distracted by PPC ads.

So if your website or online business is targeting keywords that are frequently used by mobile searchers, then PPC marketing might not be the best option. Instead, it can be argued that there is an enormous opportunity for SEO on mobile devices. Keep in mind that one in three mobile searches reportedly involve location (like searching for a nearby business or restaurant).

2) CPC is decreasing

Another factor involved in Google’s revenue drop was the fact that the average cost per click (CPC) of paid advertisements is decreasing. This could be due to the fact that marketers are avoiding high-value search terms and diversifying into less expensive terms that still attract good leads.

What does that mean for you? It means there has never been a better time to contact PPC advertising experts like Renew Marketing to help your business diversify into low-cost, high-value search terms.

1) Google search conversion rates and Google network conversion rates aren’t as far apart as you may think

Google displays paid advertisements in two places. It shows advertisements on the search engine results page, and it also shows advertisements on its display network – the network of websites that have partnered with Google to make money through the AdSense program.

It’s been thought that Google search advertisements convert at a higher rate than advertisements on network websites. Since internet marketers can choose where to display their advertisements, this has pushed some people towards only advertising on Google’s search engine results page.

But across all industries, PPC conversion rates aren’t that different between network advertisements and search engine result page advertisements. According to Larry Kim, the guy who researched a billion dollars of AdWords spending, Google search ads converted at an average rate of 5.63%, while Google display network ads converted at an average rate of 4.68%

However, there is a considerable difference in conversion rates among different industries. Take a look at this chart, find your industry, and decide where you want to place your PPC ads: