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4 Simple On-Page SEO Techniques That Your Website Needs to Include

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4 Simple On-Page SEO Techniques That Your Website Needs to Include

If you have ever consulted with an internet marketing expert about SEO, then you may have learned a few things you can do to improve your site’s rankings. But if you’re not an expert on SEO, then these tips might seem difficult to implement.

Instead of glazing over terms like “internal linking” or “diverse anchor text profile”, we’re going to break down the basics for you. Here are four on-page SEO techniques that you can easily implement on your website today:

4) Title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags

You might not know what all of the above terms mean, but there’s never been a better time to learn. These three things play a huge role in how Google files your website in its search engine and – ultimately – ranks your website. Without proper title tags, meta descriptions, and heading tags, visitors could have trouble finding your site even when searching for the most relevant keywords.

-Title tags are the ‘titles’ of each page or article on your site. In WordPress, these title tags can be changed at the top of each page or article. Instead of rewriting existing titles and URLs (which may have already collected a fair bit of ‘link juice’), just make sure to write good, keyword-rich titles in the future.

-The meta description is a brief statement that describes each page, and although it’s not as important as title tags and heading tags, it still plays a key role in how search engines rank your site. Change the meta description in WordPress by going to Admin > Settings > General and looking for the ‘Tagline’ section.

-Heading tags help you emphasize important parts of your page or website. Heading tags can be between H1 and H6, with H1 being the largest and most important headline and H6 being the smallest. Search engines like Google like seeing a mix of heading tags spread across your website, although you should emphasize the most important keywords with H1 tags.

3) Optimize load times

Unless your website is offering something really exciting, most people won’t wait longer than 3 to 5 seconds for it to load. If your website is taking more than 3 to 5 seconds, then most visitors will press the ‘Back’ button and visit a competitor’s website.

To make sure your website is not quietly losing traffic this way, be sure to measure load times. There are a number of free tools out there that test exactly how long it’s taking for your website to load for the average visitor.

Click here to use Pingdom, which is one of the better page load time checkers on the internet today.

2) Use bold and italics

There is some debate over whether or not bold and italicized lettering actually matters in this day and age, but it’s not a bad idea. When you bold and italicize important words, it emphasizes those words for both search engines and for website visitors.

Identify keywords on your site and bold or italicize them. Just don’t go overboard, or Google might think you’re trying to “over-optimize” your website. Yes, unfortunately that’s a thing.

1) Alt tags

Alt tags are the ‘alternate’ descriptions placed on images. These alternate descriptions are rarely seen by website visitors, although search engines use alt tags to figure out what the picture is about.

Go through all of the posted images on your site and make sure the alt tags are referring to relevant information. If you posted an image of a penguin on your website about a company called “Penguin Glass and Auto Repair”, then you should make sure the alt description says “Penguin Glass and Auto Repair” and not just “Penguin”.

To change alt tags in WordPress, click on any picture and open its editing menu. Then, look for the ‘Alternate Description’ section and type your alt tags into that space.

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