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4 Digital Marketing Strategies Businesses Are Using During the Coronavirus Pandemic

 Todd Tyler    Marketing Strategy

4 Digital Marketing Strategies Businesses Are Using During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted virtually every business in the country.

But entrepreneurship is all about recognizing opportunity – and businesses that have taken advantage of unique coronavirus pandemic opportunities have been thriving for months.

Today, we’re highlighting some of the best digital marketing strategies businesses are using to thrive during the coronavirus pandemic.

4) Bring a Brick-and-Mortar Store Online

For long-term success, experts recommend turning physical stores into omni-channel hubs.

It’s easier than ever to launch an online store.

Many brick-and-mortar businesses were suddenly forced into an eCommerce crash course in March 2020 when the pandemic first began.

Instead of customers only being able to purchase products in your physical store, they can buy products online or through other channels.

Or, you might have social media promotions, directing your thousands of social media followers towards your online store.

You can sell products and services virtually thanks to technology. Medical clinics have switched to telemedicine, for example, taking advantage of modern technology to conduct ‘in-person’ visits virtually. Everyone has a smartphone with a camera: take advantage of that opportunity to sell virtual services.

By blending online and offline retail channels, businesses can achieve success in any industry. Turn your physical store into an omni-channel hub to grow your brand long after the coronavirus pandemic ends.

3) Get a Better Content Marketing Team

People are consuming more digital content today than they have ever consumed at any previous point in human history.

Sure, it’s a crowded market – but it also gives businesses more opportunities to share their story with the world.

Ocean Spray’s business skyrocketed after their juice was featured in a viral TikTok video. A simple, 20-second video caused a significant spike in a multimillion dollar company’s juice sales. It was free advertising spurred by our thirst for good, original content during the coronavirus pandemic.

Brands need to find a way to capture this type of authenticity and package it into a video. Hire better content creators. Businesses have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put their digital content in front of as many eyes as possible. Turn this opportunity into something great by creating better content.

2) Plan for the Long Haul

Nobody knows where the coronavirus pandemic is headed. We’ve been living in uncertain, unprecedented times for nearly a year.

One thing is for certain: the pandemic will not disappear overnight. Things will slowly return to normal over the coming years, but it’s not going to suddenly stop.

With that in mind, brands need to prepare for the long haul. The coronavirus isn’t disrupting business operations for weeks or months: it’s disrupting operations for years.

Remember: even if a 100% safe and effective vaccine is released tomorrow, consumers’ spending habits have changed considerably. Some things will never be the same after this pandemic. Plan for the long haul.

1) Rethink In-person Experiences

If your business has a consumer-facing storefront – like a retail store – then it’s time to rethink the in-person experience.

Customers’ shopping habits have changed, and they were changing before the coronavirus pandemic.

Give customers a reason to walk into your business. What can they get in the store that they can’t find anywhere else?

Cinemas, for example, have been answering this question for years. Cinemas have gone towards a more luxurious experience, emphasizing comfortable seats, in-seat dining, alcoholic beverages, and other premium services. It’s been successful so far: years after being declared dead, the cinema industry continues to grow.

Other ways businesses are rejuvenating the in-person shopping experience include:

  • In-store technical experts and support personnel
  • Personal shoppers and other customized experiences
  • Certified installers or service technicians
  • In-person customer service and complaint handling

Customers can compare, shop, and buy products online. These are all things customers used to do in stores. Think of the value customers can get in your stores, then emphasize that value.

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