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Google Cancels “Authorship” Program: How Can Your Site Benefit?

In early 2011, Google released something called Google Authorship. Authorship displayed little profile pictures beside many search results. Each article was accompanied by a picture of that article’s certified author. The move was designed to promote Google+ while also encouraging authors to build their professional portfolio online. Unfortunately for Authorship fans, Google’s initial Authorship experiment... Read More

5 Easy Ways to Increase your Conversion Rate

A website’s conversion rate is arguably its most important metric. It’s the metric that most directly affects your revenue. It can also be seen as the “apex metric”. Every other metric – from social media marketing to search engine rankings – affects your conversion rate. Is your website converting as many visitors as it could?... Read More

6 Important Metrics You Should Be Using to Monitor the Performance of your Small Business Website

Measuring a small business website can be difficult. Is my website converting visitors? Is it effectively directing traffic to sales pages? Am I appearing in relevant search rankings? Smart business owners need to ask all of these questions. Unfortunately, most small businesses can’t afford to hire a dedicated web development professional, which is why small... Read More

The Surprising Psychology Behind Web Design: Optimizing Your Site for Distracted Visitors

In an ideal web development world, visitors would read every word on a website before making an informed decision on a product or service. Unfortunately, that never happens. Instead, today’s web visitors are fickle and uninterested in what you have to say. They click the ‘Back’ button at the first sign of boredom and are... Read More

Today’s Top Email Marketers Earn 9.5% CTR – Why You Still Need to Build a Mailing List in 2014

In the early days of internet marketing, mailing lists were one of the best ways to reach potential customers. Today, mailing lists aren’t as popular as they once were. Spam filters and stingy customers have discouraged many marketers from building email lists. But mailing lists are far from dead. In fact, today’s top-performing email marketers... Read More